Heart Balloons
Large Pumpkin display
Bowl of fruit
The She Shed
Owl Lamp
Pumpkin Display
Fox Lamp
Mini Shroom cup and saucer

Handmade studio pottery made in Staffordshire from stoneware clay and porcelain. 

Our creative goal

Nature based sculptures and functional homeware that are quirky, unique and in some cases humorous pieces of art that bring the outside in.  Our goal is to help you find something different that will have an impact in your home or make amazing gifts for your family and friends.

The secrets of the shed

Each piece is hand built using any number of processes, these range from slab building, coils, pinch pots, sculpture or thrown on a potters wheel.  Some pieces can be built quickly, some pieces can take days or even weeks to complete.  Once built they need to completely dry, or else you face the kiln god and he has a habit of making things explode if wet.  They are then fired in my electric kiln to around 1020°c, which takes around 12 - 14 hrs, this is called a bisque fire, the kiln will then take around 24 hours to cool down.    

Things are heating up in here...

The item is then glazed, I use a range of  stoneware glazes, under-glaze or oxide washes.  I layer glazes to get different effects.   The items then need to go back into the kiln and they are fired to 1240°c, which takes between 10 - 12 hours and again another 24 hours to cool.  It's funny as it is the last 400° that take the longest time to cool.  I have also just started experimenting with cold finishes, which I am thoroughly enjoying, these don't need to fired, although the clay still needs to be fired to it's maximum heat prior to doing this to ensure it is vitrified. 

The grand reveal

The final fire is always a moment of trepidation, you never quite know how the glaze is going to behave. Opening the kiln is like Christmas, it can be euphoric or a little disappointing as it wasn't quite what you expected or hoped for, but it is this that keeps you going and striving to be better each time!

Inspiration - The World!

Inspiration for me comes from everywhere, nature, books, animals, people, I make things that make me smile, whether they are functional or ornaments, I like them be a little bit different, a little quirky. 

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